Monday, October 18, 2010

Behind the Scenes of the Jax Panik Music Video

I spent most of my Sunday in a studio in Woodstock shooting a music video with Jax Panik. I arrived at the studio just after 08h00 and ready to get it started. On my way there I had three energy drinks and turned the music up really loud in my car, just to get into the party vibe. The make-up artist-slash-stylist arrived shortly after me, set up her area and gave me my outfit. I wore bright pink shoes, fishnet stockings, a little black pants, a black and white corset, a bright pink wig and of course, the Jax Panik themed mask. I even had tattoos of topless mermaids drawn on my arm and boobs.

Everybody were shot individually and basically had to dance, act and just go crazy. I was up first. Lucky me. My part in the video was the 'hot girl' that Jax Panik was singing to. I just had to dance really sexy and silly. Sounds easy enough, right? Yes and no. Dancing sober in a tiny pants and high heels, wearing a latex mask, which were skin tight and were so hard to breathe through, with a wig. Not easy. Dancing alone on one spot in front of a green screen while the lights bake on you. Even harder. To top it all? A team of producers, directors, dancers and singers staring at me. But it wasn't long before I felt completely comfortable in front of the cameras and then everything just came naturally. I went all out. I even got a round of applause for the effort. Hard work, but it was total fun! I learnt so much, worked with absolutely passionate and talented people and I had an amazing experience! I mean, not everyone can say they've been in a music video.

The song Dinosaur, for which the music video was made, will debut on the 26th of October and the music video will be out on the 15th of November. I will definitely put it on my blog the minute I get the video.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos. Don't we all just look totally weird?

This is what I looked like. Freaky. 

This is me in action...

Thank you Jax Panik and the ENTIRE TEAM involved for the once-in-a-life-time opportunity! It was great working with all of you. I'm so positive that the final cut of the music video is going to blow everyone away! I can't wait to see it!

Needless to say, I am so tired today and I will do anything for some sleep. Perhaps another energy drink will do the trick.



  1. Looks like you had yourself some they atleast use your face(without the mask)? so we do get to see you in the video?....and not just your body(not that that is a bad thing ;))

  2. Nope. Everyone in the music video wear masks!

  3. Ok I'm scared....couldn't they have given you a better mask? I mean Michael Jackson was so 2009 :P

  4. That mask is like the Jax Panik 'logo', that's why everyone wore it. Scary but totally cool.

  5. apart from the scary mask, you looked rocking.
    can't wait to see the vid!

  6. cool! Looks like an absolute blast!