Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Friday and I...

love pouting, but Paris is doing it wrong. Fail.
... wrote my 100th blog post today!
… want to do more link exchanges with other cool blogs. Inbox me if you’re interested.
… am wearing pink today to show my support for breast cancer awareness.
... have also painted my nails in soft marshmallow pink!
… am donating blood again today. What a good girl I am.
… am announcing the winners of my giveaway, which closed yesterday, over the weekend.
… went lingerie shopping, but this time at Wonderbra.
... am not liking this gloomy weather in Cape Town today!
... cannot wait to get the weekend started!
... am going to Blaauwberg this weekend, so I'm sure to take some super photos for me bloggy.

Have a fabulous weekend my darlings and play nice!



  1. have an awesome weekend - enjoy Blaauwberg

  2. very jealous, also want to do some shopping at wonderbra! haven't bought underwear in ages and love their stuff.
    have a faboosh weekend!

  3. Lovely post! LOL at Paris's pout! I'm also not loving the weather!

  4. Sweet post :) have fun at Blaauwberg, pitty we couldnt put those pic's to its true use :(

    have a great weekend tho x

  5. Congratulations, hope to see many more :)

  6. I agree. Paris is doing it wrong.
    Found your blog link on Betty Bake's blog.

  7. Sies thats a terrible fail from Paris!