Friday, October 22, 2010

It's Friday and I...

... went lingerie shopping last night. Corsets from Wonderbra.
... am attending a Moulin Rouge party tonight, hence the corset shopping. Ooh, can't wait!
... had a look at models/ finalists from the Wonderbra Model Search and saw a few girls with potential, but also saw loads of fake tits.
... did a lot of house hunting this week. Fun and depressing at the same time!
... fell in love with a house in Loevenstein, but the ridiculous deposit kinda screw me over.
... can't follow any more people on Twitter, because I've reached my limit. I will follow every follower of mine as soon as I can. Just had to put this out there.
... am featuring on YDE's Facebook Fanpage, modelling their new range, Siren Design.
... laugh every time I visit the Woelag website, but you have to be Afrikaans to appreciate this. Damn funny!
... had an interview with iDale yesterday about 'Where Bloggers Break Bread'. Keep an eye on his website to read about where cool bloggers love to wine and dine. The post should be up soooon!
... might be in a movie next year if everything works out. Hold thumbs for me.
... am also starting a new blog, but it will be a joint venture with my sister. Trust me, it's gonna rock!
... am keeping this list short as I am not feeling creative today.

Happy Friday everyone! Let's get this weekend started.


  1. Wow! A movie is a big career step that you have to follow. Holding thumbs.
    Enjoy your weekend

  2. Sounds like lots of cool things going on for you. Good luck house hunting and hope oyu get the part in the film :)

  3. cool :) sounds like a rocking weekend :)

    enjoy :)

    will wait to hear about your new blog :)

    Betty Bake

  4. have a lovely weekend, yeah saw that on the Wonderbra website as well. They're just going to get disqualified.

  5. That's why I didn't enter AMG133 - I definitely want to avoid the (public) embarrassment.
    Thank you for the comments and support everyone! I hope I get that part too. It's for an SA movie. I'm not an actress, so I definitely won't get a lead role, but heck, any role is fine with me! Even cleaning tables in the background ;)

  6. Have a great week end and remember be good, but if not take lots of pictures ;)