Thursday, October 14, 2010

This Weekend I...

... took a few days off from work for an extended weekend and it did wonders! Not only did I take a much needed, and well-deserved, break, I also went on a girls' weekend. Hence me being so quiet on cyberspace the past couple of days. Friday morning early I packed the car, met up with five of my girl friends and hit the road!

This is what the house looked like which we stayed in. Beautiful, huh?

We then slipped into something more comfortable and had wine in the sun. Usually a recipe for disaster, but it totally relaxed me. Maybe a bit too much.

Next stop, Cubana. Cocktails and whale-watching.

And a virgin cocktail for my pregnant friend...

The next day we went shopping, sight-seeing and wine tasting. But first, a healthy breakfast.

Yes, I do actually play the piano.

On our way back home, we saw a house that was destroyed by fire - obviously many moons ago - so we decided to go inside and take photos. Technically it's not 'breaking an entry', because nobody lives there. Not that we care about rules anyway...

Got home, had more wine, ate loads of jelly beans, lounged around in bikinis and soaked up the sun. These really are the things weekends are made of.

After too much wine (is there really such a thing as too much wine?), we went to paint the teensy town RED.

This is it! This is what I did the (long) weekend. Hermanus was so much fun that we decided to go again this weekend. Also because the people asked really nice.



  1. Glad you had a good time ;) the way, you look good as always, Lola Ponce should want to be like you :)

  2. This looks so fantastic and relaxing. Good for you guys!! :)


  3. A girls weekend is ALWAYS fun. Always!

  4. Was such an awesome weekend :) We must do it again. VERY SOON!!!!