Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Friday and I...

... have some really big things planned with my life over the next couple of months. My sister will be doing it with me - yup, twins really do everything together. Goodbye boring corporate world. Hello billboards!
... am featuring on Bobbylicious' website today. Check out the interview done by the cool chick!
... am also featuring on Drikus le Roux's website today.
... am going to Hermanus again for the weekend. Sun, please shine and bake on my pale skin!
... strongly believe in the power of advertising.
... went for a hot-stone massage last night. Ah, my shoulders are killing me today!
... love being the face of Siren Design. If I could, I would sleep in those dresses too!
... really want a Blackberry! Upgrade, where are you?
... am house-hunting. Three young, single, party animal girls under one roof? Oh boy!
... am totally looking forward to Sunday! I'm shooting a music video with Jax Panik. Yes, I'm gonna be in it. Stoked.
... am memorising lyrics for the new song like CRAZY! 'I'm a rock star, play me like a guitar' is about the only line in the song I've got covered, but I totally dig Dinosaur, the song the music video is being done for.
... don't wanna be productive today. At all. Unless shopping counts.
... am suffering from hay fever. *sneeze*
... realised why I went through that break-up and why I have to be single right now.
... really want a faster car! Anybody? Daddy? Potential boyfriend?
... miss my best friend. I haven't seen her this whole week!
... have quit smoking! It's just not a sexy look for me.
... love how my Facebook statuses always create some sort of stir.
... think that we should plan a girls' weekend for Capetonian blogging babes! Sounds like fun to me!

It's Friday peeps, finally! What are y'alls up to this weekend? Anybody in Hermanus? Let me know and I might just join you for a cocktail.



  1. Glad to hear that you quit smoking ;)

  2. YES, it's been a week! It's really tempting, 'cause my sis smokes. But I'll get her to quit too!

  3. your sis also quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I will be hopping over the Bobbylicious in a few seconds to read the interview :)
    Your weekend sounds fun. Hope you have enjoyed it.