Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My upcoming photo shoot for a new label at YDE

Today I’m going for another photo shoot. It’s my most favourite thing to do in the world! I’m an amateur-blogger and a wannabe-model, so why do I do what I do? Simply because I love it. That’s it. I can’t be a full time model with photo shoots and interviews lined up and I can’t be an established blogger with a list of sponsors, so I’ll simply do bits of each. I might not get paid for the advertising I do for others and most of the time photos are the only thing I get to take home from a hard day’s shoot. But you know what? I always see the glass as half full. I’m having the time of my life. I’m getting so much exposure and a wonderful experience! I’m not only meeting extremely talented people, but I get to work with them too. Make-up artists, photographers, models, actors, stylists and really cool events – who can say no to this?

My advice is always: When opportunity comes knocking, make sure you open that door!

Before I get all philosophical on you, let me get back to my exciting news. I’m going to spend my day with photographer, Drikus Le Roux, and I will finally get to work with Eloise Dreyer for a photo shoot done for a new label at YDE. For a change, my photo shoot will have an actual purpose (and I will be wearing clothes)! Another part I'm looking forward to? I'm going to be posing with the cutest 'models' ever. Furry rabbits. It will tie in with the whole Alice in Wonderland theme they're planning. I cannot wait to play dress-up.

Watch this space for behind-the-scenes stuff and to read more about the new label. Also follow me and Eloise on Twitter today for tweets about the shoot and perhaps a Twitpic! Remember, you saw it here first.

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  1. Thats fabulous, I would leap at an opportunity like this, just wait,bigger things to come:)


  2. Thanks everyone!
    Princess V, grab EVERY opportunity that comes your way. No matter how small you may think it is. One small thing may lead to a bigger thing. Trust me.

    Have a fabulous day darlings!

  3. sounds awesome! cannot wait to see the finished product!