Monday, August 2, 2010

Fuzzy Friends that will melt your heart!

Everybody that knows me, knows I love animals! I support the PETS Organisation and I've been donating money to the SPCA for many years! If I had my way (and I don't always), I would adopt every single animal out there that needs a home and some lovin'. So, to show you how much I love animals, I thought of adding a little section to my blog absolutely dedicated to my favourite fuzzy friends - rabbits!

How cute are these baby dwarf rabbits? It just melted my heart! I have 2 dwarf rabbits, who are like children to me, and I will put their pics up next time. Fellow-blogger, Miss Molly, also has an adorable rabbit - check it out here!

If you have cute rabbits and would like them to feature on my blog, mail me and I'll put it up! I'm keeping this section short and sweet, because the illustrations are just way cuter than any word I type here, could ever be. Do I hear 'aaaah'? Guys, just so you know, baby rabbits are serious chick-magnets and if they have a cute lil' ribbon, it's going to seal the deal. For sure.



  1. Hi Jemma, these fellows are so adorable. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Oh my word! they are sooo adorable!! honestly, you dont get anything cuter? before my dwarf bunny i had a giant californian rabbit who lived for 10 years! she was bigger than a small dog! thanks so much for the mention, and you get my vote!

  3. When I got my 2, they were SO small, they could fit in the palm of my hand. But they grew up so unbelievably quick!

    Glad you guys like the fuzzy ones! Thanks for the comments, the votes, visiting and following!