Monday, August 2, 2010

Motivation for Monday!

This week I dealt with some jealous and nasty girls (there aren't really any reason to be jealous of me, I promise... flaws swathe me like a rash!) and, even though I wanted to kill them, I walked away from it all with a very important lesson (which I'm sharing, of course). Whether you deal with a sibling whose jealous of your wardrobe, a colleague jealous of the attention you get from the boss, colleagues who are jealous because you are the boss, a friend who's envious of your eat-all-you-can-and-stay-thin-without-exercise hot bod, a jealous boyfriend/ girlfriend or just anyone who wants to steal your hard-earned shine from you, follow this advice:

"Smile and wave. It will piss them off the most"

A very dear friend of mine sent me this and every time I want to embrace the bitch inside me, I bite my lip and think of this quote. I know the World (and the office) would be very boring without bitch fights, but let's try to keep it clean and piss them off instead. Not so?

Happy Monday my peeps!

*smiling & waving*

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  1. some lovely advice there girl! i couldnt agree more xoxo

  2. Ugh, jealousy is the pits. Well done for being the bigger person.