Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nothing cheers me up like JUICY lingerie shopping!

Just like any girl out there, I love feeling sexy and one way to do it is by wearing sexy lingerie! I decided that it was time I stop feeling sorry for myself (being single sucks if you're still in stage 1) and get some retail therapy. And it worked.

These are also the lingerie I've chosen for my shoot with Robert Miller which takes place in the next 2 days! We're actually doing the shoot for the NoMU poster campaign (for which I will be wearing a playboy bunny suit), but we've decided to do lingerie too, just for fun! Heck, I'm only young once.  Lingerie by Kangol and Temptations.
Visit my blog real soon to read all about the behind-the-scenes stuff! I will take as many pictures as possible. After the shoot, I shall be rewarding myself with the biggest and most calorie-filled pizza money can buy!


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  1. Love them all!