Monday, August 23, 2010

Why I should write for Bronx Ladies!

Y'all know my obsession with blogging and my obsession (which is an understatement) with shoes! So when I saw that Bronx Ladies SA is doing a bloggers search where you can win a whole year's supply of shoes, I nearly fainted! I mean, how can I just let that opportunity pass me by? Hell no!
Earlier this month Cape Town Girl announced on her blog that Bronx is searching for a "gorgeous, sexy girl-about-town who leads a fun, fashion-and-party-filled lifestyle, who would write about everything from what’s hot on the catwalks to what’s hot in their wardrobes right now".

And, if you think you're a cool chick-blogger who can totally pull this off, then go ahead and enter here. You can write about any topic of up to 300 words! Just think of that prize - shoes for a whole effing year! So darlings, allow me to attempt an entry and tell convince Bronx Ladies SA that I should write for them...

I love blogging, because it's an escape. Here I can tell you what's on my mind, I can express, I can be silly, I can be funny, I can be random and I can just let it all out. Here I get to be myself. I love writing, especially blogging, because there are no rules. Not in my blog, anyway.

I show girls that I'm just like them. I am hooked on competitions and freebies. I share the things I can’t say no to, that most people won’t even admit to! I come across fabulous finds, be it expensive Jimmy Choos or self-help books. I even introduce my readers to new things, like NoMU Foods or great photographers. I hate going to gym and while others blog about fitness advice, I tell you the unwritten rules of a gym. I blog about my personal life, my animals and my great friends. I'm not afraid to speak my mind and tell people to boycott L'Oreal because of their animal testing. I embrace my inner-prophet and make up quotes or inspirational lists. I show my motherly side and tell girls about the stages of a break-up or things that every girl should invest in. I have a glamorous side too and go for photo shoots and attend great events where I rub shoulders with celebs. Or I would just make up an excuse to party and have loads of champagne!

I think I should write for Bronx because I'm a normal girl and I talk like a normal, straight-forward, shoe-addict, fashion-loving, fun City girl. I don't use big words that would require my readers to first use Thesaurus. Because seriously, who talks like that? But when I do talk, people listen. I grab attention because I talk sense and people can relate. That's why I should write for YOU Bronx.

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  1. From what I just read, they should start giving you the shoes :)....hope you win ;)