Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Friday and I...

... need a manicure and I just remembered I have a Dream Nails voucher. Bliss!
... had an eventful week!
... have a coffee date tomorrow morning at Vida in Willowbridge.
... am meeting Vanessa Haywood next week! I wonder what she looks like in real life...
... still have the urge to buy more lingerie. I was thinking 'black lace' and, for some reason, something yellow too.
... see that I'm on the NoMU Blog this morning (tiny little appearance)! Their August poster will be up at the Engen on Orange soon, but click the link to see what the 1950's inspired poster looks like featuring Richard Hardiman. I think this one of the best posters so far.
... need to show my sister how to give her blog some life! But do follow her here.
... am craving some of that crispy chicken and potato salad from last night's braai.
... wish I could attend glamorous events every night and just live the high-life! Unfortunately the boring 'nine to five' pays the bills.
... need a haircut really bad! Split-ends-deluxe!
... only went to gym once this week. I really am not the exercise or sporty type! Bleh.
... am going to donate blood today and I'm not looking forward to that 'straw' being stuck in my arm! But don't say I never do anything good.
... have loads of deadlines, but hey, blogging is just so much more fun! So sue me...

Have a lovely weekend my darlings!

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  1. great list! :) have a lovely weekend!

  2. I once donated blood at high school but they needed to give me loads of rescue remedy to calm down and had to take my blood pressure twice.
    I'd never survive if I were a vampire.