Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fabulous Find!

Opposite the beautiful beach of Gordon's Bay and next door to pubs, lies a really bizarre, not your average, bookstore. When you set foot inside, you actually realise that the store had to be a house once upon a time. With passages and doors leading you from the one room to the next, surrounded by books stacked to the roof, it was so easy to get lost in there - literally and figuratively! Every single book you've ever heard about, every single book you've ever read and every single book you've ever wanted, lies under that roof.

I feel so sad that all the books there are for sale for a ridiculous price, because it must've taken ages to build up that collection. If you're a book-lover, you will think that 'ol bookstore is the mother of all libraries.

I'm not really big on reading (apart from reading magazines), but I couldn't leave such a legendary place empty-handed! So I bought a book with the idea that it would be a suvenir, but I ended up buying a book that every girl should own. The Fabulous Find for today is a book called How to Walk in High Heels – The Girl's Guide to Everything. It doesn't literally teach you how to walk in high heels, because that's a quality you're born with, but it's a fun, straight-forward, hilarious encyclopaedic catalogue of how to live modern life to the full! Call it a reference book if you must. It teaches a girl anything from playing poker, to climbing out of a car in a mini skirt, tackling lobster in a restaurant, changing a tyre - you name it!

Gals, do yourself a favour and get this book! If you Google it, a list of pages will pop up and give you more info, reviews and online websites where you can buy it. It also makes a great gift and you can even pass it on to your daughters!


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  1. have this book and loves it!
    I keep it next to my copy of The Sartorialist and Trinny and Susannah, What You Wear Can Change Your Life and He's Just not That Into You!