Friday, June 4, 2010

Fabulous Find!

Every blog I've ever come across has had some uniqueness to it, things like a joke of the day, new things they've learnt, current addictions (ala Being Brazen) or fashion spreads (ala Kim Gray). That's why I decided my blog should have something different, something cool, something that's not restricted to one topic. Behold, the Fabulous Find! Ever so often I'll blog about something I found either online, in the shops, in the streets, in the clubs, a new discovery, a person, wonderful food, art... anything, anywhere. A 'find' that's worthy of stopping traffic.

My first attempt at a fabulous find are these Jimmy Choo's. Speechless.

If you're willing (or stupid enough) to spend thousands on shoes, these babies can be yours. Me? Blogging about Jimmy Choo's is about the closest I'll get to owning a pair. The price ranges from anything between R15 000 up to R30 000 and I'm sure there are pricier ones if you look hard enough. I'm a shoe-addict and most of my fabulous finds will probably be about shoes which I will never be able to afford in this lifetime (or the next one).

Ok, pricetags aside, what do you think? Aren't they just, uhm, well, there are no words, really.

You can close your mouth now.


  1. Nice blog. Jy skryf baie goed. Hou so aan.

  2. Dankie Otto! Kom gereeld terug vir 'new posts'.