Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One day, Kimora....ONE DAY

So I'm sitting here at my boring, dusty, cluttered desk and typing on a black, even dustier, coffee stained keyboard (the Vivienne is resting), when I actually should be in Canal Walk at the Baby Phat store hanging out with Kimora Lee Simmons! Everyone who knows me, KNOWS I love the Queen of Fabulosity, so when I heard she's in our beautiful SA, I almost died. Ok, not really, but you catch my drift. THEN, Cosmopolitan held a competition where ONE lucky bitch will get to meet her and they'll throw in a Baby Phat goodie bag. Helloooo!

I entered a million times and I was SO SURE Cosmopolitan will contact me and give me the great news. I had even planned how I would go into serious debt to ensure I'm covered in Baby Phat! I mean, I can't be caught wearing anything else when I meet her. What a slap in the face that would be!

Well, as I said, I'm sitting here and blogging, which means I didn't win. Obviously. I hope the bitch who won falls and breaks her nose lucky girl who won, enjoys it on behalf of all the other Kimora fans out there!


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