Friday, June 4, 2010

Juicy Jemma in Cosmopolitan

I've always wanted to be a fashion journalist and I'm taking it one fasionable step at a time. It's not easy climbing the corporate ladder, especially not in stilettos (meaning, women have to work twice as hard to achieve half as much. You get it, right?). In every career out there, they expect you to have experience, but if no one will give us a gap, how are we supposed to get experience? My studies have taught me that if you want to be a writer, WRITE. To that I'd just like to add, READ. Lots of it too! That's exactly what I'm doing, even if that means know one will read my blogs. Experience is something you'll learn and gain through time, and you don't necessarily need an audience.

So, I'm getting started...

I recently bought my favourite magazine, Cosmopolitan, and came across an article about breasts. Ok, it's not a life-changing or inspirational story, but I wanted to give my opinion (like I always do). In a nutshell: The writer went through her teenage years with no breasts and always wished hers would grow. Then it did. And it kept growing. In her article she reaches out to girls by saying 'be careful what you wish for' or something like 'bigger isn't always better'. Well, I disagree (er, like I alwasys do). Here's what I wrote to them and, turns out, they loved it so much that they're publishing it in the July/ August issue of Cosmopolitan.

"Thank you for the article on breasts and what it's like living large, literally, and not having any breasts at all. I was the girl in school who was teased for her 'bee stings' and for wearing a bra when I didn't really have much to put in it. I always wished and prayed that my boobs would grow just a little to show my femininity and normality. My friends tried to convince me that having small breasts were more 'convenient', but I didn't want convenience, I wanted curves, and for once not be stared at as if I had a disability. That's what my flat chest felt like, like something was wrong with me. I was hurt from hearing the same old jokes with my 'flat chest' being the punch-line, so I bought myself the best gift a girl can really get herself. I had my breasts enlarged and I couldn't be happier! Yes, having small breasts has its perks - you can do all kinds sports, sleep on your stomach and never have to worry about bras. I've been on the grass of both sides of the 'mammary fence' and I can honestly say that having cleavage is such an unbelievably gratifying feeling. I can finally wear sexy things and I never, ever, have to worry about a thickly-padded bra! So my message to the big-breasted girls out there - celebrate what you have, because you are truly lucky to be born with curves! And sympathise with the small-breasted girls... I've been there too and it's not easy."

It might not be winning-letter-material (because I can't start 'big'), but I've said my say and they listened. Getting some writing experience and teeny-tiny published work is the bigger picture.

Try it.

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  1. Aah thanks!
    Not sure in which issue it will be, but I'm subscribed anyway. Will be published under my 'real' name.

  2. I remember reading your letter in the Cosmo magazine. Well done! Your letter shows that you have talent.