Thursday, June 10, 2010

Peek into my life - Part 1

So my slogan on my blog promises to give you a peek into my life, yet I haven't given you much carte blanche thus far. I've been told that 'blogging is supposed to be about your life, something personal', but to me blogging is just a way to keep me from talking to myself. I'm really just your average girl who wishes she could make it big somehow, someday. I'm someone who is still on the road of discovering my talents and my true self. There are days when I want to be famous and live the high life, but also days when I'm determined to climb the corporate ladder and make my mark in the corporate world instead. But there are also days when I'm completely demotivated and just live for the next weekend or pay check. I'm sometimes hard to understand or to make myself clear, because I don't do 'tact', I hate gray areas and I'm the most straight-forward and outspoken person I know. I'm more blunt than Larry King and Simon Cowell put together. That's why my friends love me, because I'll tell them when they look fat in that jean, when they should've worn less make-up or when it's time for an eyebrow pluck! There's a fine line between honesty and being a bitch, and I know never to overstep. I love writing, because it's one of the few times where I have to think before I speak. I proofread it a thousand times and edit over and over before I post my blogs. I also love writing, because I don't need to face anyone. If I have to say sorry, moan about something, ask for something or need advice, I'll send you an e-mail. Ask my friends. I also consider myself a closet-comedian. I love being the life of the party, the one who the limelight is on and the one making you fall off your chair laughing.

Underneath the sexy-but-tough illusion I often create, hides a sensitive sole. I have a really big heart and I dote on my family - they are small, but they are my everything! My best friends are like the older sisters I never had; I love them. I have a boyfriend who I consider to be the love of my life and I know the 'big bling' will come in time. I'm the one who cries when I see a hungry or abused animal or when I see an elderly person suffering. When I cry, I'll do it alone when no one is watching, because I don't like expressing my emotions. I don't have a psychological problem; I just don't like being a retard in front of people. Besides that, I'm ugly when I cry! I pull my mouth, my face goes red and tears even stream out of my nose. That's how I do it. Properly.

I'm also not the type of girl who has a list of hobbies, because doing the same thing over and over will bore me to death. I love painting, scrapbooking, knitting (at times), cooking (these days), reading, writing, crafts, arranging parties and even taking photos (loves it), but these are things I do when I have some spare time. My time are spent at work, working at home, spent with my family and friends, with my bunnies, sleeping, practising the art of cooking and social networking. And somewhere in between I have time to enter competitions. Totally hooked on it! I love to party (especially if it has a dress-up theme) and socialise, meeting new people, trying new drinks, karaoke and I'm the queen of the dancefloor. If it weren't for hangovers, I would spend my days drinking champagne and coffee-tequila.

I hope I painted a clearer picture of myself and my life. Useless information to you, 'blogging' to others.


(Pictures: writer's own)


  1. Best friend & sister in law! :)
    Love u 2! x

  2. Aaaaaaaaah love you sister. May there be many more memorable laughs and tears

  3. Hopefully more laughs than tears!
    now it's your turn to blog.