Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fabulous Find!

What started out as something to keep me entertained and out of trouble, has turned into a total addiction! Blogging is what I'm talking about people! Joining the bloggers-ring and Twitter all in the same month, might lead me to taking over cyberspace real soon.

But before I do that, my boyfriend and I are prepping our new place for the housewarming happening this weekend. Now that we've finally filled up all the empty spaces, and fixed what the previous excuse for a man couldn't do, we need to do something about the blank walls! I was browsing the faithful Google this morning in search of art, but it can't be just any art. It has to be something that reflects me. Yes me. The boyfriend's opinion on art is that it has to be a scenery or panorama setting, and it has to be in a frame. Urgh, how very 90's of him! So choosing something that reflects me seems impossible (and it is!), but that's why I've chosen to go with abstract art on a canvas. Everybody has their opinion of what they think they're seeing and it doesn't have to make sense.

I found the above images on this website, and, while I'm saving up for these 'investments', it sure as hell deserves a spot in the Fabulous Finds in the mean time!  I love the green (or olive as the artists call it) palette knife painted canvasses! I've attempted the abstract painting before, with a normal brush I might add, and it doesn't look too bad (it actually hangs in our guest room). But painting with a knife? I thought those are used for spreading butter, cutting food or emergency screwdrivers...


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  1. am with you completely on being addicted to blogging, i just can't get enough of it!