Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Christina Aguilera - it keeps getting better!

The 90's will always be remembered for the 'fros, rap breaking into the music scene and the whole pop explosion that took place. Oh and I was so behind that pop explosion! I had all the CD's (and tapes!) of the Backstreet Boys, Madonna, Venga Boys, Britney Spears, 'N Sync, Aqua and Christina Aguilera. I'm so glad to see that most of these artists are still around today even if some of them lost the plot a bit.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I still love Britney and my favourite is still Christina Aguilera! I have all their CD's, DVD's, live shows and perfumes - I'm such a nerd! Christina has the rarest and goose-bump-worthy talent out there and I just love how she keeps reinventing herself. She went from the innocent girl in Genie in a Bottle, to the wild woman in Moulin Rouge, to the dirrty phase, to the 1950's pin-up girl, then the apparent Lady Gaga look, to being a mommy and now back to the glam goddess. This woman really likes to keep her fans on the edge of their chairs! She changes her look so much, that it's often hard to recognise her, but I guess that leaves room for role-playing with her and Jordan. I mean, is it Lady Gaga or Marilyn Monroe or Katy Perry? Though there are some resemblances at times, I don't believe Christina is a copy-cat. If she's copying another artist's style, they should take it as a compliment!

I will always remain a loyal fan, because in my eyes, Christina can do no wrong. Her style is so sexy, yet she does it tastefully and with class. Her music career, marriage and parenting skills are all successful, and you'll never catch her without underwear! Britney, Paris and Lindsay, are you taking notes?

What do you think of Christina's transformations over the years and which is your favourite? I love her 1950's pin-up girl look and I'm really looking forward to whatever she's planning next!


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