Monday, June 7, 2010

Fabulous Find!

It hasn't even been 3 days, yet, I've come across another Fabulous Find!
Thanks to another sexy blogger, Cape Town Girl I have won myself some NoMU spices. I'm not big on cooking, nor do I really care what spices I use, but the NoMU spices have taken cooking to a whole different level! As in, changed the way I feel about it. Forever.

The founder of NoMU, Tracy Foulkes, was a vegetarian and wanted to start a very unique delicatessen here in Cape Town. Because no meat would be featured in her range, that meant 'no cow', and when there's no cow, there's 'no moo'. Get it? The spelling changed to NoMU which is so much cooler fitting for the twenty-first century.

The NoMU range is organic, proudly South African and delicious! I've cooked with the Tomato & Herb Stir and it was so good that the boyfriend wanted seconds - but I beat him to it. It's really easy to make: Just add water and olive oil to the NoMU spices and voila, instant pesto! It kinda made me feel like I made it from scratch, which just made me look so impressive in the kitchen! You can then add that pesto to a pasta, stir fry or use as a dipper or spread. There are no rules, so you get to play around and experiment with your dishes. Believe me, you cannot mess it up! NoMU brings out all the flavours in your food instead of overpowering it.

Don't hold back if you're going to buy it, because there is a HUGE range to choose from - anything from dips, to vanilla, to stock, to hot chocolate. It can be ordered online and it is a bit pricier than your average spice, but NoMU simply cannot be compared to anything else out there. You have to try it.

All this food-talking is making me hungry! Mmm!
I wonder which one I'll cook with tonight...


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