Friday, June 18, 2010

Peek into my life - Part 2

I haven't gone onto Facebook lately, because, between blogging and tweeting (and a little work somewhere in between), I hardly have spare time on my hands. But when I actually did decide to finally update my status and see what my friends' kids look like (wedding and baby albums are completely taking over cyberspace), I saw a childhood friend had posted photos of me from when I was still innocent a tiny 12-year old. While gazing at the photos, it just took me back to my childhood and really made me miss, what now seems like, the times of yore! I'm a real nostalgic person and often long for the good 'ol days. Not that there's anything wrong with the present, but I just had a such a great childhood that I often find myself wanting to revive it.

We weren't extremely wealthy, but I had everything I needed (and 'need' is more important than 'want'). Both parents were still alive and married, and still is to this day, and I have a sister. Back then we never got along and always tried to either get each other in some deep trouble or kill each other! But today things have changed completely. Like a total 180, but we look back and have some good laughs!

We lived in a big house with lots of pets (I'm to blame - I couldn't ignore a stray animal), attended a normal school and played with all the kids in the street. Back then we still played outside, got our feet dirty and our knees scraped. Stuff like DSTV, Playstation, Wii, cell phones, ipods or social networking sites didn't exist! I think all the technology and gadgets available today, that is supposed to make our lives more convenient, are responsible for the fat and lazy youth of today. Kids, if you're reading this, go outside and get on your bike, skateboard or rollerblades. Take your dogs for a walk or chase the neighbourhood kids with funny worms!

My high school years were the best years of my life! So far, at least. Back then I could party without drinking, I didn't need to wear make-up, boyfriends changed like my moods and I was thin, naturally. There isn't much I would change if I could do the whole thing over, just simply relive it. I wasn't one of the nerds or the sporting heroes, instead, I was the popular one who took part in everything - from debate, to cheerleading, to pageants to even being a prefect! Generally, I was a good girl (oh how things have changed) and the worst thing my parents ever found in my school bag was book of poorly written songs.

I also had the perfect grandparents! In the movies you see chubby healthy grandparents that live on a farm far away, who can do anything from baking to knitting to killing a spider with their bare hands. Well, I had that exactly. Let's not even go into my lovely family (especially my cousins), because I can write a book on all the great memories! Maybe a teensy peek in the next blog...

Now you know even more about me and a little about my past. Baby steps, like they say.

Yolandi (today I feel like being myself) x

(Images: writer's own)

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