Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Juicy World – another sneak-peak of what’s in store!

Last week I dropped a few hints of what I’m planning and all my tweets were about this unknown, yet super exciting, news! Today I thought I’d give you some more clues, because, as my followers, you deserve to know first! You, and only you, will basically be with me on my journey and get to see and hear everything first!

So the big ‘campaign’ (that’s a clue too) is taking place in the next week or two. It involves Robert Miller (and you all know how I love to brag about his work), Vanessa Haywood (SA model and actress from District 9), Samantha Laura Kaye (the great make-up artist who has worked on this type of project before) and the NoMU Brand (yes, the NoMU that is taking over my spices cupboard). Another hint: Seth from 2Oceans Vibe Radio, Alex van Tonder (Cape Town Girl) and Vicky Sleet (from I Want That) have all done this before.

Needless to say, I’m super excited to work with all these amazingly talented people! This will be my first PROPER (meaning, professional) photo shoot (hey, another hint!) and, who knows, this might be the start of big things for me. I will definitely share the behind-the-scenes and pretty stuff with you.

Ok, I'm off to plan my outfit for the 2OceansVibe Radio launch! I will definitely post pictures about this for you too.

(Image found here)


  1. Hey Y
    Good luck on this new venture.

    Hope all goes well and do not forget us when you are famous!

  2. you sure know how to keep us guessing, cnt w8 4 you 2 spil the beans!

  3. oooooh sounds exciting! Totally following you now! I want in on the news LOL!