Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Birthday Celebration kicks off right about NOW!

The big day is tomorrow, but I'm already totally amped about getting old! Ok, not really. Let's rephrase. I'm totally amped about having one day dedicated to me, getting spoilt, getting really nice gifts, being taken out to a fancy hotel for lunch, having friends come over the weekend to celebrate and getting loads of phone calls and sweet sms's! Thank you to all my friends and family, who are so dear to my heart, for always making my birthdays extra special. I already received my first birthday wish this morning!

Every year I have a themed party and invite loads of people, but this year I'm toning things down. Don't fret, I'm making up for it next year. Double. I've already got a sexy theme in mind, so start with the diets and dust off those costumes.

Tomorrow I'm embracing my inner Princess with pride and I shall have my cake and eat it.

(Image: writer's own)

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