Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Friday and I...

…had a full week of gym behind me for the first time in weeks! not happy that it's raining!
…still haven’t filed my tax return.
…am looking forward to working with the amazing team at NoMU, the absolutely talented Robert Miller and, of course, actress and model Vanessa Haywood (whoops, looks like I’ve just dropped a few more hints).
…need to be extremely cautious of what I eat or it’s cabbage soup diet for me, which is pretty much like Fear Factor.
…am leaving early today, again. Yay for pest control!
…have this sudden craving for chicken curry and a double brandy with coke!
…am planning to go on a girls weekend with all my best friends – I can already feel a major party (and an even bigger hangover) coming!
…have an urge to go (and voucher for) lingerie shopping!
…have an extremely bad hair-day! Frizzy and flat – not my two favourite things!
…am totally happy that it’s Friday, of course!! TGIF and TGIP (thanks KFM) contemplating whether I should go out for drinks after work, even though I know it will turn into something more than that!

What are your plans for the weekend?
Happy Friday!

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