Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fabulous Find!

I have come across another Fabulous Find, with the emphasis on fabulous!

I've always been fascinated with photographers, but there's a certain photographer who I have the biggest respect for and who I would love to work with one day! I introduce to you Robert Miller Photography or 'Panascape' as I've come to know him. He really isn't your average landscape or boring wedding photographer, and I can't tell you enough how talented he is.

Ladies and gents, please do yourself a favour and go visit his website. I visit his website often and spend hours browsing his photos and reading his blog. He's worked with all my favourites like Richard Hardiman, Cape Town Girl and Seth Rotherham, just to name a few.

Robert, if you're reading this, give yourself a nice pat on the back - you're not only cool, nice and hot, but also a genius.


(Images by Robert Miller)


  1. i know! I LOVE his work, especially after I saw the NoMU posters he did with other bloggers. Speaking of which, I'm surprised YOU don't have a NoMU poster comp yet...