Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I welcome back Lady Luck with open arms!

Thank you to everyone at Hello Fox, Button Candy and Cupcake Couture for the fabulous giveaway they had a few days ago, but an even bigger thank you for choosing me as the lucky winner! All I had to do was follow them on Twitter and tell them how I'd wear the accessories if I were to win!

As soon as I receive my prize, I'll post a picture of me wearing it, so watch this space! But here is a sneak-peak in the mean time. I especially love the blue button earrings!

Then, I just want to say thank you to 5fm - they sent me a 'fan pack' which the couriers delivered this morning! The best part was, I didn't even know I won. So thank you for replacing my mirror socks with even cooler ones and thank you for the much needed surprise!

Lady Luck, it's good to have you back...

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