Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Friday and I'm...

...really happy I get to sleep late tomorrow!
...relieved my tax return is halfway done.
...counting down the days to my birthday!
...sad that the Soccer World Cup is coming to an end!
...extremely stiff from all the squats I did last night.
...feeling another crazy craving coming on.
...looking forward to seeing the in-laws on Sunday. They're back in the country!
...getting in shape for a photo shoot with Robert Miller in the near future. need of a GOOD party and loads of champagne!
...driving around with my brand new 5FM mirror socks.
...shocked that they want to turn Paul the physic octopus into calamari!

How are all of you feeling today?

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  1. love this list!
    hope you have a fab friday!

  2. Happy Friday Sista!! :P
    What's your plans for the weekend?
    See you on Sunday.

  3. thanks for the comments everyone! Enjoy your weekend, because before you know it, it's back to dreadful mondays...

    @Skinny Bitches in the Making - I've got a post coming up JUST for u.