Thursday, July 29, 2010

2OceansVibe Radio Launch Party - all the cool people under one roof!

Last night I attended the launch of 2OceansVibe radio and what a party it was! Lets just say that if you like to mingle with the 'in crowd' and celebrities, that was the place to be. Once I stepped foot inside the Cape Quarter I thought, 'oh gawd, another Camps Bay thing with leggy models'. Not so! I felt right at home among all those bloggers and well-known faces. Totally up my alley. The music was great, I mean, they just played all my favourite tunes that made me want to get my groove on without the help of alcohol. Then the food, oh em gee, the food was so nice! Little steak rolls, sushi, pizza, mini chocolate cupcakes... you name it! I really had to hold back (no thanks to an upcoming shoot), but I gave in eventually when warm pizza with feta, peppadews and basil pesto toppings came my way.

You are probably dying to know more about the event itself, who I met, what the celebrities are like and see some pictures! But allow me to just give a quick congratulations to Seth Rotherham on the successful launch, a thank you to Robert Miller for taking me and introducing me to everyone (he sure knows everyone) and thanks to Richard Hardiman for getting me on that coveted guest list! It was such an amazing experience!

Ok, ok, I'll put you out of your misery - here it is, all summed up with some illustrations.

After trying on almost everything in my cupboard, I went with this outfit. Laid back, yet still sexy. Thanks to my sister and stylist-in-the-making for putting together an outfit and doing my hair.

Ooh, with the man himself, and even hotter in real life, Richard Hardiman. He is really nice and down to earth.

Mark Bayly is tall, dark, handsome, charming, sexy and just everything I thought he would be! Can anyone say 'dreamy'? He isn't as bubbly as he is on All Access, but I like them with their mouths closed.

Seth Rotherham, the man of the hour, is just so cool and funny! Did you know that his girlfriend is 'La Muse' from Pop ya Collar?

This is Alex van Tonder, or Cape Town Girl as we know her. I was very excited to meet her! She is just as pretty in real life than she is in her pictures!

Thank goodness I could convince him for a picture, otherwise I couldn't show you what Robert Miller looks like! He is very cool, super nice, a genuine gentleman and just so easy to talk to! It felt like I've known him forever and I'm just so excited to work with him.

Just a picture of the crowd - the place was packed with beautiful people.

It was exciting meeting Jack Parow too! He wore his famous hat when he performed on stage. I Scream And The Chocolate Stix also performed, but I didn't manage to get a pic with/ of them.

Some of the yummy food! Can you see why I just gave in? The cravings were getting out of hand!

2Oceans Vibe...

Here I'm pictured with Richard Hardiman and Samantha Laura Kaye. Shit, she was just the most beautiful woman there, by far! She's so nice, so elegant and her make-up was done flawlessly! I can't wait to work with her too. I'm sure she is going to turn me into a goddess! (Don't you just agree that she looks like Catherine Zeta Jones?)

This is Paul Raphaely from NoMU. Another really cool, good looking, talented and FUN guy! I loved how he just 'advertised' me the whole night! I'm such a lucky girl to be working with him in the coming weeks.

This is Paul's sister, Julia Raphaely. Yes, the Julia, as in managing director of Associated Magazines! She was just full of smiles, really nice and down to earth!

I got this cute cupcake on the way out.

It was a great night and definitely something I can tick off the bucket list. What's next? What is going to top this? Oh wait, I know! Being a poster girl with Vanessa Haywood for NoMU! There, I said it! That's my big surprise!

Ok, well it's back to reality for me. Sigh.

(Images: Writer's own - don't steal 'em)


  1. Looks like a fabulous party :) You looked lovely x

  2. nice post!
    sounds like you had loads of fun! cannot wait to see your campaign!

  3. so nice to see some pics of you! you looked lovely :) and and, congrats on being 'a poster girl!' that is fantastic!

  4. I dont know how I stumbled across this post, but absolutely LOVE your look in the first pic! :)