Friday, July 9, 2010

So this is what a skinny bitch looks like. No thanks!

There are three things a girl can never have enough of,

1. A girl can never have enough shoes
2. A girl can never have enough money
3. A girl can never be skinny enough.

True. But today I changed my mind about rule #3. When there's a new fad diet, detoxing kak or 'be thin by the weekend' gym routine, I'm first in line. But as of today I promise to never complain about having meat on my bones. I promise to never even try losing my curves. I promise to never skip a meal again. And I promise to never feel bad when I go for that second helping.

New rule for girls:

3. A girl can never be voluptuous enough.

Somebody please give this model a sandwich. And fries. And a double cheese pizza with onions and a steak on the side.


(Image found here)


  1. That is disgusting. That is one thing I dislike about fashion society. When models are so insecure, they starve themselves. Girls shouldn't have to feel that way just to look beautiful. And that picture is in no way beautiful.

    I like your rule changing(:


  2. am so for your rule changing!
    I'd love to be a skinny bitch with fabulous clothes and shoes, great job and a bradley cooper lookalike boyf but would prefer to a be healthy bitch with all those things too ;)
    definitely don't support that type of skinniness.
    I hope i never lose my curves too. Not sure where I'd be without my boobs!