Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Celebrities' Coveted Closets

Damn, now my teensy walk-in wardrobe seems so, well, teensy in comparison to celebrities' closets! Even if mine was bigger, I wouldn't have been able to fill it out with designer gear, dreamy handbags, a collection of cocktail dresses or Jimmy Choos!

Here's a peek into some celebrities' closets (should we be happy that they share the pictures or totally envious of all their, mostly free, fabulous stuff?):

Christina Aguilera

Just look at all those shoes! She arranges it by designs, so a shelf for YSL, a shelf for Christian Louboutin and so on. And apparently she's got a whole different room for boots! Ah, jealous much?

Mariah Carey

Her closet looks like a boutique. A very expensive one at that. Only shoes and bags are featured here, so I can only imagine what the rest of her closet looks like where the clothes are. Mariah, you give me a call when you want to throw out some stuff, ok? I'll gladly take it off your hands (and feet).

Paula Abdul

I like her closet! It's messy and organised at the same time, it looks like she actually wears all those shoes and it features some sunnies. By saying I want a closet like hers (one day), is definitely more of a realistic dream.

Nicky Hilton

Now this is one lady whose closet I wouldn't mind raiding, and, when I'm done, I'm paying a visit to her sister's closet too! This picture probably doesn't do Nicky's closet any justice, but I'm so stealing her glass doors idea!

Rachel Zoe

Ah, finally a closet with some character! I bet you it's filled with loads of dresses and Louis Vuitton bags. It pays to style, darlings.

Kimora Lee Simmons

When it comes to fabulousity, clothes, bags, dresses and shoes, she takes the cake! She's got the mother of all walk-in wardrobes. Thanks to her reality TV programme, I've had the opportunity of seeing her entire closet and she's got shoes stacked to the roof. She says "shoes are fabulous, even if they're not always comfortable. You just have to suffer for beauty, honey". Hail to the queen!

Miley Cyrus

Between all the glitter and blonde wigs, I don't think there's much I'd want from her closet, but I totally love how she displays her shoes against that pink background.

Jessica Alba

Another shoe-lover and boy, does she have some really nice shoes! And hats. But I would've preferred to see her bikini collection instead.

Girls, we are allowed to dream. Sigh.

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